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WMS Solutions

Innovative Warehouse Management & Supply Chain Optimisation Solutions

In-DEX: Warehouse Management Software

Innovative and robust warehouse management functionality for SME to large single & multi-site operations.

In-DEX: Supply Chain

In-house developed Supply Chain Management and Support Software delivering end-to-end Control & flexible Data Exchange.

In-DEX: Voice Middleware

Seamlessly integrates with all existing client ERP solutions delivering voice technology without expensive Warehouse Management system costs.

In-DEX: Document Imaging & Scanning

Innovative tool seamlessly managing interfaces between In-DEX WMS & any external 3rd-party systems.

In-DEX: Integration Gateway

Robust tool seamlessly manages interfacing (via file, API or direct connection) between In-DEX WMS and any external 3rd-party system.

In-DEX: BI Business Intelligence

Used with In-DEX WMS, Business Intelligence provides a live, user-definable view of business critical KPI's.